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MORSE is a generic simulator for academic robotics

ROS navigation with a simulated PR2

MORSE is an generic simulator for academic robotics. It focuses on realistic simulation of small to large environments, indoor or outdoor, with one to over a dozen of autonomous robots.

Rich 3D environments

MORSE provides out of the box a large set of standard sensors (cameras, laser scanner, GPS, odometry,...), actuators (speed controllers, high-level waypoints controllers, generic joint controllers) as well as several robotic platforms (ATRV, generic 4 wheel vehicle, PR2,...). New ones can easily be added.

A quadrorotor and an ATRV

Besides generic socket-based APIs, MORSE fully integrates with standard robotic middlewares, including ROS and YARP.

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...or download the latest stable release (morse-1.4.tar.gz - 08-Feb-2016).


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MORSE is mainly supported on Linux and MacOSX. It has been reported to work as well on Windows.

Latest news

08 Feb 2016 MORSE 1.4 release
19 May 2015 MORSE 1.3 release
20 Apr 2015 MORSE 1.3 beta 1
07 Jan 2015 MORSE 1.2.2 release (maintenance release)
03 Jul 2014 MORSE 1.2.1 release (maintenance release)
07 Mar 2014 "MORSE for HRI" Open Workshop (at the HRI'2014 conference)
31 Jan 2014 MORSE 1.2 release
06 Nov 2013 MORSE 1.1.1 release (maintenance release)
16 Sep 2013 MORSE 1.1 release

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MORSE is actively developed and 100% supported by the academic community, with 15+ labs involved worldwide. Universities contributing to MORSE

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You can report bug (or feature wishes) on the MORSE issue tracker.